PowerX Increase Your Stamina Powerx2

PowerXtreme :- Ftrick PowerXtreme is a 100% herbal and natural supplements .enriched with pure  Ashwagandha, akarkara, shatavari, safed musli, shilajeet, salammisari, vidharikhand, kaunch beej,  gokhru, choti elaichi, punarnava, and bhumiamla extract. This is health booster Boosts muscle strength – recovery, endurance, and athletic performance and also Increases testosterone levels and enhances energy.

PowerX Increase Your Stamina Powerx1Ingredients

      Ashwagandha :   150mg

      Akarkara          : 100mg

      Shatavari          : 80mg

      safed musli       : 90mg

      shilajeet            : 70mg

      salammisari      : 50mg

      vidharikhand     : 60mg

      kaunch beej       : 70mg

      gokhru               : 60mg

      choti elaichi       : 70mg

      punarnava          : 50mg

      bhumiamla         : 30mg

How to use:- 1 capsule 30 minutes after dinner.

Caution:- Patients suffering from high blood pressure, bleeding piles & chronic renal disease should take this product under strict medical supervision.

Storage :- Store in cool and dry place.


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